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Stress-Free Commercial Landscape Installation and Management

Ready for an outdoor space that appeals to your customers and employees? Cut Right Lawn Care does more than care for your lawn, we improve your commercial landscape areas so you're the envy of your competitors.

You may just need a landscape refresh of existing plantings, or you want to start fresh with new ideas and designs. Your commercial landscaping partner should help build the vision for functionality and beauty when planning a landscape area for your business.

Landscape Design for Function

Functional landscape design is an essential part of any successful commercial property. It can provide a pleasant outdoor space for clients, employees, and visitors while increasing the overall value of your property.

You may want to include patios and walkways in your commercial business design, allowing outdoor seating for employee lunch breaks with shaded areas and bright flowers.

Apartment complexes, HOA neighborhoods and condo communities look for professional landscaping to enhance outdoor living areas. Swimming pools need different landscape considerations than those of a picnic area or dog walking area. 

We specialize in creating functional landscape designs tailored to meet the needs of your commercial property.

Planting Shrubs, Perennials and Annuals

When it comes to adding beauty and color to commercial landscapes, common choices include shrubs, perennials and annuals. Adding these plants to your landscape can add instant curb appeal to any property.

Shrubs are hardy and can be used as a backdrop for flower beds or as anchors around the edges of specific areas of the landscape. They can offer privacy and screening and minimize street noise for quiet sitting areas.

Perennials will return year after year, with some varieties blooming for months at a time. When grouped correctly, the changing colors bring beauty to your property through each season.

Annuals offer quick bursts of color throughout the season but need to be replaced every year.

Your commercial landscape will be bursting with life, thanks to the unique combinations of sizes, shapes and colors of plants designed for your particular needs.

Investing in professional planting services is essential if you want your plants to thrive. A landscape service can provide year-round property maintenance contracts for beautiful plant care.

Commercial Hardscape

Commercial hardscaping is a great way to give your commercial property a polished, professional look. From custom patios and walkways to retaining walls and outdoor seating areas, hardscaping can bring your landscape design to life.

Constructed from materials like brick, stone, or concrete pavers, these structures are built to last for years and can even increase the value of your property. Plus, they require minimal maintenance once installed.

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Landscape Project Management by Cut Right Lawn Care

Landscape Project Management is the perfect choice for commercial property owners who want to create a beautiful landscape without the hassle. Our local team can handle many of your landscape needs, from designing and installing hardscapes to creating custom plant beds and providing ongoing maintenance services.

We offer customized landscape maintenance plans so that your property is well-maintained year-round. 

If you’re ready to tackle the entire project in one season, we work out the ideal cleanup and planting schedule to beautify your property right away.

Perhaps your budget requires that you phase it through a multi-year plan. Our project meeting and seasonal updates will help map out a progressive landscape design so there are no surprises.

Cut Right Lawn Care is a local company...small enough to care about your satisfaction, big enough to get the job done.

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